Time (iWatch) has arrived for Apple to show the post-Jobs era!!!

Hello People.

Here is a day that would establish the future of Apple post Steve Jobs. I can definitely tell from the iOS 8 features that the Apple we know, is definitely not dead. Listening Eddy Cue mentioning that they have the best products in this fall, was really kind of cool. Senior Vice President of a company like Apple will not make such statement unless there is something big coming up for sure. The day of unveiling the products is not too far. Here is the link to look at the live timer of time remaining for  keynote to start. Add the event to your calendar by clicking here. You can watch the keynote at http://www.apple.com/live/

I am not a believer of leaking the products or news because I feel it kills excitement. Rumour mill has just gone wild and there are all sort of videos and articles getting published. But, I wish to see them unveiled by the Apple. It is their hard work and we should not forget, it was the secrecy of iPhone launch event in 2007 that made the biggest impression. 

Hoping for the best! Cheers.






World of automation and market share

If we talk about automation – the more we travel in future, we realise that things are not going to remain the same. Initially only corporations and business houses were asked to take a leap of faith on technology and now it is asked to human kind in general. With advancements brought by Apple and Google in home devices integration, car integration and much more to come, I feel so excited as well as a bit nervous about what will happen to the spontaneity and responsiveness of human being. Today, I do not try to understand how the weather system works in my area. Because, weather apps give me information more than I require. In the same way, I do not put an effort to memorise way to some location. Maps are there to help me. But, I fear that this is making me less vigilant and less spontaneous and more dependent. I am not sure if I wanted to stop using all gadgets and services; and live a life which was there with me 5 years ago. Having said that, both Apple and Google are moving very fast to gain the market share in these areas. They foresee the future or rather they want to force the advancements in future. They both have launched their integration platform. But, both of them have different customer base. Google’s primary business model has been advertisement driven and Apple’s primary model has been unmatched experience. However, Google may have to work hard in terms of acquiring market share. Customer base of Google (specifically Android) is low-end smartphone owners. Recent market trends portray that Samsung is losing on the market share to companies like Micromax and Xiomi. When we talk about home and car integration, initially they will be a part of renowned high end devices and cars and not in local brands. Majorly, high paying users are customers of Apple. Launching platform would not help Google to gain the marketshare. They also need to convince manufacturers and other OEM partners for integration. Apple has a leading position here. Apple does collaborate with other partners but they do not seem to be chasing the partners. Google, on the other side, needs to plan those colloboration well in advance to make something successful. That being said, running hardware and software single handedly has a long term effect on all the big strategic decisions coming along. That is why Microsoft and Google (service companies) tried their hands on Nokia and Motorola (hardware companies) whereas Samsung (hardware company) is trying to develop Tizen (service segment). The only company who got it right is Apple. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section.


iCloud to iCloud Drive upgrade in OS X Yosemite Public Beta Program

One of the very important points is – if you upgrade to iCloud Drive in OS X Yosemite, you will not be able to use iCloud syncing for applications till iOS 8. And you can not undo the iCloud Drive upgrade. iCloud for notes, calendar, reminders and other stock applications work but iCloud for Tweetbot, Pages, Numbers etc. will not work. So, be sure before updating to iCloud Drive in Yosemite public beta program.


What developers feel about WWDC announcements

Macworld has posted a nice video about how developers feel about a new open Apple. I do believe that by opening up ecosystem, Apple is widening its control over the app economy and hardware market. Nonetheless, by introducing Swift and Extensions, it is definitely going to attract more developers to its platform. Happy new year to all the developers out there!!!