Time (iWatch) has arrived for Apple to show the post-Jobs era!!!

Hello People.

Here is a day that would establish the future of Apple post Steve Jobs. I can definitely tell from the iOS 8 features that the Apple we know, is definitely not dead. Listening Eddy Cue mentioning that they have the best products in this fall, was really kind of cool. Senior Vice President of a company like Apple will not make such statement unless there is something big coming up for sure. The day of unveiling the products is not too far. Here is the link to look at the live timer of time remaining for  keynote to start. Add the event to your calendar by clicking here. You can watch the keynote at http://www.apple.com/live/

I am not a believer of leaking the products or news because I feel it kills excitement. Rumour mill has just gone wild and there are all sort of videos and articles getting published. But, I wish to see them unveiled by the Apple. It is their hard work and we should not forget, it was the secrecy of iPhone launch event in 2007 that made the biggest impression. 

Hoping for the best! Cheers.






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