Finding the right material to read on internet about iOS, Mac and Apple

Hello world and a special thanks to my first reader.

I have been following Apple and it’s products since 2010. I have not been lucky enough to see Steve Jobs unveiling a new product. However, there is something about Apple and it’s products that drives me crazy and makes me curious as to what they are bringing next in the market. Because of this, fans would be curious about Apple and their complex to implement, but easy on end-user technologies and features. But, most of the avid readers of the internet might be finding it difficult to get the right kind of information. So, here I am going to initiate a small effort to provide you with the curated information about Apple, iOS and Mac. 

With the announcements of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, tech blogs have just gone mad at listing out new features and attracting users but so many people keep on waste time by reading the same information on different blogs or websites. 

See you guys soon with our curated post on WWDC announcements.


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